Transcultural travels essays in canadian literature and society

Otherness: Essays & Studies 1

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“Sara Jeannette Duncan and the Canadian ‘New Woman’.” Transcultural Travels: Essays in Canadian Literature and Society. Ed. Mari Peepre-Bordessa. Lund, Sweden: Nordic Association for Canadian Studies, Created Date. Huenemann, Karyn, Sara Jeannette Duncan and the Canadian 'New Woman' ().

TRANSCULTURAL TRAVELS: ESSAYS IN CANADIAN LITERATURE AND SOCIETY, Mari Peepre-Bordessa, ed., Nordic Association for Canadian Studies, pp. This Special Issue of Humanities invites authors to discuss principal disciplinary or cross-disciplinary tenets of transculturalism and/or offer readings that showcase literature’s potential of engaging many of the overlapping and, at times, contradictory aspects of transcultural paradigms.

Transcultural travels: essays in Canadian literature and society / edited by Mari Peepre-Bordessa. PS T73 Reginald Eyre Watters: essays and articles on Canadian and American literature / selected by his colleagues Thomas Vincent, George Parker, Stephen Bonnycastle.

Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a `Post'-Colonial World 1

Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a `Post'-Colonial World 1 by Marc Delrez,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This volume of Otherness: Essays & Studies, is a small sample of the work done by members of the Nordic Network for Literary Transcultural Studies and presented at a symposium in Helsinki in

Transcultural travels essays in canadian literature and society
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Otherness: Essays & Studies