Partial and latent fingerprint image enhancement

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Biometric Matching Systems

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The documentation for these two functions gives further information, and there are relevant examples in the Image Processing Toolbox.  The Methods of Latent Fingerprint Discovery Finding and Retrieving Latent Prints from a Crime Scene Megan M.

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Anderson Brevard Community College Abstract This paper explores the methods of latent fingerprint discovery the finding and retrieving of latent prints from a crime scene. Here we will review how to find a latent print using alternative light sources and what those light sources are.

The fingerprint images can then be photographed, marked up for distinguishing features by latent fingerprint examiners, and used to search an automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS).

What Is a Patent Fingerprint?

Abstract: Fingerprint image enhancement is a common and critical step in fingerprint recognition systems. To enhance the images, most of the existing enhancement algorithms use filtering techniques that can be categorized into isotropic and anisotropic according to the filter kernel.

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Partial and latent fingerprint image enhancement
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