Feeling and home

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It is simply gorgeous. A Feeling of Home. by Light, Co-Founder of Gentle World. on May 8, There is no doubt in my mind that my feeling for dogs was a significant factor in my vegan epiphany, since it was not a far leap from the eyes of my best friends to the eyes of the first cow I ever saw crying tears of sorrow.

But there’s also another sense to the phrase “feeling at home”– to be relaxed, comfortable, at rest, to take it easy to take a load off.

According to Jesus, we can find rest in Him: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. One of the things that we all have to deal with as expats in the first few months of relocating to a new place is that "fish out of water" feeling, that feeling of unfamiliarity when you walk down the street, walk into a mall or drive around the city.

Get that Holiday Feeling at Home It’s not always easy to jet-set off to a wonderful destination for a bit of a break, but with a home that reflects that relaxed, trendy setting, you won’t need to!

Feeling at home is an emotional connection to whatever makes one secure and relaxed. Home doesn't always have to be a singular place, it can be the pleasure of walking into a room where ones closest friends gather.

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Home As A Word. To some, home means nothing. There. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective. Fort Worth's other homey little Tex-Mex restaurant won a big award. — Bud Kennedy, star-telegram, "Here's a new Arlington hangout: burgers, craft beers at Tipsy Oak | Fort Worth Star-Telegram," 8 May In the morning, refreshed from a night in the countryside, have breakfast at the homey Estero Cafe across the street.

Feeling and home
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In Foxborough and the Patriots’ locker room, Josh Gordon is feeling right at home